ROPgadget 4.0.0

Une nouvelle version de ROPgadget tool (un outil qui facilite l’exploitation par Return Oriented Programming en cherchant des gadgets dans un binaire) est disponible.

Nouveautés de la v4.0.0 :
Addition of 64 bit linux support for ROP exploit generation.
Addition of 64 bit support for ROP gadget searching.
Addition of Windows PE file loading for gadget searching.
Addition of detection of shared libraries and improved code gen for them.
Generation of execve ROP exploits with arbitrary argument vectors.
Payload generation in PHP, C and Perl as well as improved generation for python.
Color disable/enable switch.
Improved user friendliness.
Vastly increased ROP searching speed.
Code restructuring for easing addition of new architectures/platforms.
General refacoring and code friendiness.