Magazines : HITB #7 et HackThisZine #13

De la lecture pour vous occuper le dimanche après la murge de la veille…

Hack In The Box #7 :

  • What Would We Do Without Enemies
  • Extending SQL Injection Attacks Using Buffer Overflows – Tactical Exploitation
  • Windows Security Hardening Through Kernel Address Protection
  • CISSP Corner
  • Books
  • Beyond Fuzzing: Exploit Automation with PMCMA
  • Intrusion as a Service Using SHODAN
  • Studies on Distributed Security Event Analysis in Cloud

Hack This Zine #13 :

  • Editorial: People, Like Information, Want to be Free
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words (anon attacks the pigs!)
  • Border Haunt Action Reportback
  • An Adventure in Creative Security Culture
  • Hacker Profiles- Making of a Female Hacktivist – an interview with Synch
  • Easy CD/DVD Backup w/ Linux (avec dd)
  • BitCoin: Dangerous to Surveillance State, Useful to Activists
  • Update on Bradley Manning
  • Classifieds
  • …and a bunch of hilarious letters to our staff!