BSG mag septembre 2011 : Protecting dynamic websites in FreeBSD

Au sommaire de ce numéro :

* DNSSEC resolution and IPv6 Unbound on FreeBSD 8.2
* Keeping up to date in PC-BSD 9
* Using Life Preserver to Backup a PC-BSD 9.0 System to FreeNAS™ 8.0.1
* Recovering data with hammer
* Apache2, php5, mysql5, modsecurity2.5 installation and confguration in order to protect dynamic websites from various attacks, in Freebsd 8.2
* MySQL Unleashed!
* Terminal Descriptions for OpenBSD AMD/Intel consoles
* (Ab)using VideoLAN: Learn what you can do with your video and audio using powerful VideoLAN command line interface
* NetBSD Intrusion Detection Server. How can we describe the functions of such a server? (avec du Snort)

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