Shewstring v1.0.1

Via or-talk :

Shewstring is a collection of Bourne Shell functions and scripts for building installers of secure and anonymous FreeBSD distros.
It is primarily intended for developers of anonymity systems, administrators of anonymous services (such as Tor hidden services), security experts, etc., but ordinary users that have some skill in the art of security and anonymity may find it very useful too.
One use of it might be to build an installer for easy to set up inproxies and outproxies for the darknets; another might be to host a service across all major darknets; or the user of the software might just want a secure desktop with cryptography tools and access to all major darknets.
Shewstring abstracts away most of the complexities of building secure systems, so an installer can consist of simple function calls and script executions.
Only customization or use of darknet features that dont have functions yet would need custom shellcode.

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