BSD mag 05/2011 : Embedded BSD: FreeBSD & Alix

Au sommaire de ce numéro :

Introduction to the Z Shell
In this modern age of computing, we are offered many choices with regard to how we might interact with our machines.

Supporting Multiple Desktops in PC-BSD 9.0
Beginning with version 9.0, PC-BSD will allow the selection of multiple desktops during installation. This article describes what changes were needed to allow for multiple desktop support and how you can help the PC-BSD project in this endeavour.

Evolution of an OpenBSD Port
In this article I’ll talk about the evolution of the OpenBSD port of radicale (, a nice small, simple CALDAV-based calendar server written in Python by Guillaume Ayoub.

FreeBSD & Alix – A pint sized install of an Enterprise OS
The embedded device or Single Board Computer (SBC) market has for the most part, been dominated by variety of Linux derivatives.

Mono (C# and the .NET Framework) on FreeBSD
The .NET Framework and the C# language have simplified the software development process in many ways.

Drupal on FreeBSD part 6
In this last article in the series on the Drupal Content Management System, the author looks back at what has been covered in previous 5 articles and shares his real world experience with Drupal.

Backups – Made Easy – A fast to solution to a real problem
When have to do a major Operating System or Application upgrade, this script and server with big disks, will get the job done.

Fighting DDoS Attacks with PF
For a long time, Denial of Service attacks were disregarded, as they were considered to be the work of script kiddies. Things have changed, these attacks are now massively distributed in order to be more efficient and have serious goals.

The MacOS X Command Line
My wife thinks I bought my Mac laptop to use as a status symbol. But every hacker knows I bought it because I wanted a decent Unix laptop.

Implementing OpenSMTPD
OpenSMTPD is one of the mail servers included with OpenBSD. Configuring OpenSMTPD is more readily under-stood and comparatively less complex than configuring Sendmail.

License Wars!
When I sat down to brainstorm on this month’s article, I decided to write about something out of the ordinary. Obviously, the topic had to be related to BSD, yet, I was determined to touch upon something that is a bit above than just being geeky. Why? Simply to make BSD fanatics proud, and at the same time show non-BSD fans how great the world of BSD is!

Allocating Dynamic Memory with Confidence
Embedded software applications face many challenges that are not present on desktop computers. A device with a dedicated function is expected to perform that function consistently, no matter how complex the task is at the software level.

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