HackThisZine #12

HackThisZine, issue #12, est disponible depuis quelques jours


  • Quick and Dirty Guide To a Fairly Secure Twitter Gateway
  • FBI Makes Big Media Splash While Attempting to Prosecute Anonymous
  • Court Documents in Case Against Goatse Hackers Reveal Unknown Snitches
  • Anonymizing Logs with LogRotate
  • Interview with TorrentFreak.com
  • A Phone Home Script for Hostile Environments
  • How to Use Electronic Dead Drops and Feel Like a KGB Agent
  • Using Secure Pastebin Services to Beef Up Your Email Security
  • How to Make a Network Tap

.. and much more news, reportbacks, and tools from the front lines of hacktivism.


A télécharger sur leur site : https://hackbloc.org/

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  1. Le formatage du zine est un peu spécial… des fois on se demande où se trouve la suite de l’article :p

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