THC-Hydra 6.2

Le casseur de mdp réseau sort dans une nouvelle version.

Parmi les modifs, un mode de bruteforce, attaque sur XMPP et IRC ainsi que différents protos de chiffrement.

Une réflexion au sujet de « THC-Hydra 6.2 »

  1. Version 7.0 :
    New main engine for hydra: better performance, flexibility and stability
    New option -u – loop around users, not passwords
    Option -e now also works with -x and -C
    Added RDP module, domain can be passed as argument
    Added other_domain option to smb module to test trusted domains
    Small enhancement for http and http-proxy module for standard ignoring servers
    Lots of bugfixes, especially with many tasks, multiple targets and restore file
    Fixes for a few http-form issues
    Fix smb module NTLM hash use
    Fixed Firebird module deprecated API call
    Fixed for dpl4hydra to work on old sed implementations (OS/X …)
    Fixed makefile to install dpl4hydra (thx @sitecrea)
    Fixed local buffer overflow in debug output function (required -d to be used)
    Fixed xhydra running warnings and correct quit action event

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