EOF issue 1

Un nouveau mag englophone de Vxing a fait son apparition: EOF
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Sommaire :
OMG Another buffer overflow article
Infecting PE files by adding new resource
Using proxy
Crappy eazy way to ZIP files
Crashing Windows Task Manager
How to establish connections through router with NAT
Introduction in Windows mesage hooking
New method of file hiding
Starting your app by viewing file properties
Http Bots – the new state of the art
AV processes and Registy keys
General things about malware
PowerShell viruses
Spreading via Steam client
How to steal Steam accounts
Worms with Batch
23c3: Who can you trust?
Ferite virus writing guide
Classic cryptography techniques
Introduction to DES algorithm
Calculator’s Mathematics Problems Resolution
Module arithmetic and introduction to AES ciphrature
Using the .Net runtime compiler for file infection
FBSL virus writing guide
Hashes for encryption
Compress easy
Wardriving uncovered
Creating secure GnuPG keys
Fun with OpenSSH

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